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Miss Manchester High, Gabrielle Wildes, has lauded competitive events, which she says help to mould young people into becoming better leaders.
Gabrielle, who was crowned yesterday (March 28) at the institution’s 2009 beauty pageant, told JIS News that she was delighted and grateful to her friends and family for their support.
“Competitions like this one helps us to be patient, more poised and better prepared to represent the school and ourselves. It also helps to build leadership skills, something that we need not only today, but for a lifetime,” she said.
This year was the second staging of the competition, which was organised by the school’s student council body, with sponsorship from several businesses in the parish, and Central Manchester Member of Parliament, Peter Bunting.
President of the Manchester High Student Council, Jermaine Hamm, informed that the proceeds from the event will be used to assist students in their academic pursuit.
“I am pleased with the kind of support that we have received this year. The competition is about exposing the talents of our students, and helping them to get a grasp of what the international community is all about from an early stage, as we are about holistic development, and we want to always make sure that one is not held back because of where they are coming from but through support, motivation and hard work they can achieve their dreams,” he said.

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