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Members of the Bellas Gate community in St. Catherine, will on Monday, January 19, engage in ‘morning work, as they clear and carry out landscaping work in preparation for the construction of buildings to be used for the benefit of the community.
The land, amounting to two acres, was donated to the Bellas Gate Community Development Committee, by renowned playwright, Trevor Rhone, who is from the area. This gesture signifies his commitment to assisting with the development of social services within the area, particularly as these relate to the provision of opportunities for the youth.
According to the Social Development Commission’s Community Development Officer assigned to Bellas Gate, Monica Douglas Gardener, a community training centre, a Basic School and a Visitors’ Lodge are to be built on the land. She informed JIS News that the decision to construct these buildings came from the need to equip community members with the facilities deemed necessary to provide them with the skills training required for survival in the current economic climate.
In addition, the training centre will be used as an agro-processing plant, which will allow members of this farming community to add value to their produce, as they seek to earn from the land, and improve their social and economic situation.

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