JIS News

Commissioner of Police, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, has noted that the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has started the roll out of community policing across the island.
“(Community policing) is one of the four strategic priorities that was identified as early as January of this year. We are rolling it out and we are getting lots of help,” Rear Admiral Lewin said yesterday (Aug.19) during a press briefing held at the Police Officers’ Club to launch the JCF Citizens’ Charter.
He also stated that community policing is being largely welcomed by the public while noting that “we have quite a large number of young energetic officers assigned to those duties and they are getting tremendous feedback from the citizens with whom they interact.”
“I think it has been very positive for us. Of course it takes time because you have the sceptics who will probably say we have heard this before, so it is not for us to go bleating more and more about it, but more so to demonstrate that we are serious and that is what we are about,” Rear Admiral Lewin said.
In addition the Commissioner informed that one mobile police station is now operating in Central Kingston and that prior to that it was in St. Andrew North, and in St. Andrew South the week before.
Rear Admiral Lewin also stated that the JCF plans to acquire more mobile police stations so as to bring community policing to the citizens, particularly in the rural areas.
“We would love to have at least one mobile station per division but it is something we have to work towards,” the Commissioner said.
Community police officers have been trained in areas such as conflict mediation, crime prevention, how to organise youth clubs and other community groups, juvenile delinquency, crime management, and domestic violence.
The initiative embraces partnerships between citizens and the police to address the root causes of crime, disorder, and fear of crime.