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In response to the concerns of community members in Glendale, Kingston 20, whose properties, motor vehicles and personal belongings are continuously being preyed on by unscrupulous persons, the Government is considering to expand the national CCTV network, JamaicaEye, in the community for surveillance.

Speaking at a community meeting with the residents on Friday (September 25), Member of Parliament for St. Andrew North-western, where the community is located, Dr. the Hon. Nigel Clarke, reassured the community members that the Government is making efforts to safeguard their lives and properties.

“The key to the strategy is going to be to ensure that we have visibility through the expansion of JamaicaEye here and through ensuring resources and mobilisation for the police station at Duhaney Park,” Dr. Clarke, who is also Minister of Finance and the Public Service, said.

“We want all residents of Three Oaks, Glendale and Hughenden to know that your concerns are our concerns, and the fact that you have been experiencing these incidents, we want to bring that experience to a halt, and with the commitment of the security forces and the leadership of the Deputy Prime Minister [and Minister of National Security], Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, all residents can have confidence that we will get there,” he added.

For his part, Dr. Chang, who was also present, noted that the JamaicaEye system can assist with recording these unscrupulous persons.

“It has a lot of advantages. Once you’ve identified the persons who are coming in or going out who are causing the problem, you might not be able to stop that particular instance of criminal activity, but you can find and apprehend them. Bear in mind, the camera systems that we have, they have the capacity to identify licence plates… and the police can track these down,” Dr. Chang noted.

The Minister said he would keep in touch with the Member of Parliament as it relates to a timeline when the surveillance system can be installed in Glendale.

He also reassured residents that the Jamaica Constabulary Force is making all efforts possible, primarily through the police station nearest to the community – the Duhaney Park Police Station – to safeguard their lives and their properties.

Meanwhile the Minister also gave a brief update on the state of JamaicaEye across the country.

“It’s [being] monitored, but it is the installation of the cameras that we are now going through. They have just set up the core and we have the principal intersections of the Corporate Area and Montego Bay and in the towns, and now we can get into the communities,” he said.

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