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Parish Manager for the Social Development (SDC) in Manchester, Mrs. Rose Griffiths, has called on community leaders to focus on the development of human capital, and not just on the physical development of communities.
“There is much more to community development than infrastructure. Very critical in this process is the human capital, or the people who live in the community. If you have all the infrastructure in the world, the best roads, best water supply, and public facilities and the people are not developed, we have a challenge,” she argued.
Mrs. Griffiths was addressing a joint meeting of the Swaby’s Hope Citizens Association and the Swaby’s Hope New Testament Church of God, on November 22, at the church.
The Parish Manager told the audience that the fact that the church and the community group could set aside a day in the month to deal with community issues, meant that something good is happening. “I want to encourage you to keep up the good work, and help to rid our communities of selfishness,” she said.
“The work that community leaders do is purely voluntary, and our role at the SDC is facilitatory. We come in and help to organise the community, and of necessity we have to cover the parish, and despite the challenges, we have to support community groups. We also recognise the work that community leaders undertake,” Mrs. Griffiths said.
She explained that much of the underdevelopment of human capital in many communities was due largely to the mindset of persons.
“Change starts with the individual. We as leaders have to help people to change from a mindset of hopelessness. We need to return to the days when our neighbours’ concerns were ours, and recapture a sense of industriousness in our communities,” she emphasised.

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