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A bid by a group of community activists to name a section of Church Avenue in Brooklyn, New York in honour of Robert ‘Bob’ Marley, has been given the green light by the Brooklyn Community Board (CB17).

At a meeting held at the Meyer Levin Intermediate School on Wednesday (Jan.18), the motion to re-name a three-mile stretch of the landmark thoroughfare ‘The Hon. Bob Marley Avenue,’ was unanimously agreed to by the full membership of the board. The motion and the endorsement by CB17 will move to the next phase of the hearing process at the New York City Council Chambers and is expected to be an agenda item at the next sitting of the city lawmakers in February. The re-naming, should it be approved, would affect the section between 98 Street and Beckford Avenue, noted for its high percentage of Jamaican nationals and businesses in the Flatbush township.

Community Activist and Founder/Executive Director of the Caribbean American Programme for Empowerment (CAPE), Amir Abdullah Muhammed Abdul-Akbar, whose organization initiated the motion to rename the avenue, told JIS News that if approved, the move could go a long way in the planned economic revitalization of the area by the New York City Department of Transportation. He said that he was pleased with the turnout at the community meeting and the participation from elected officials from the New York city and state, and community leaders, especially Borough President Marty Markowitz’s office. The 61st anniversary of Bob Marley’s birth will be observed on February 6.

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