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Members of the Swaby’s Hope community in Manchester have come together to assist one of their own who is ailing with cancer.
At a fundraising event hosted by the Citizen’s Association and Community Sport Club on Sunday (March 28) at the Swaby’s New Testament Church of God, more than $100,000 was raised for Denise Salmon, who is also visually impaired.
The fundraiser featured performances in song and dance from students and community members, and inspirational speeches, before a collection was taken.
The money will greatly assist with the medical expenses of Mrs. Salmon, who has to travel to Kingston regularly for treatment.
Her husband, Mr. Evol Salmon, who was laid off from his job at bauxite company, Alpart, said that the family has been finding it difficult to pay for the treatment.
He thanked the residents for the support. “Thanks to the pastor for allowing the Citizen’s Association to put on this function here. Thanks to my neighbours and my friends. I try to do what I can do, I love my wife. I thank everyone for their encouragement,” he said.
President of the Citizen’s Association, Mr. Martin Tomlinson, told JIS News that he was pleased at the response to the fundraising event.
“Whenever I call on the people of Swaby’s Hope, they always answer me, and I am thankful that they responded to a community member, who has a need. The theme of our organisation is ‘Change is possible’, and it is happening. We believe in giving someone flowers when they are alive.”
Member of community and Operations Manager at the Santa Cruz Branch of the Jamaica National Building Society, Alethia Peart, who was the guest speaker, commended the members of the Association for their continued support of persons with need in the community.
Last year, the group gave a similar sum of money to a basic school teacher in the area, who had lost a leg to diabetes.
“It is the second time that I have gone to a grand event put on by the Association and I have seen where the community at large has come out in their numbers to support what they are doing. They amplify the word love,” she said.

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