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The Ministry of National Security will continue to facilitate crime intervention and prevention strategies in targeted communities, with the formal ending of the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP).

Speaking at a JIS ‘Think Tank’ on Thursday, July 2, Acting Chief Technical Director in the Ministry, Shauna Trowers, said members of targeted communities will still be able to access the services the CSJP provided, through the relevant ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).

“The Ministry will be leading the service delivery, but it is an all-inclusive government approach. The foundation for this approach is the strategic link with the national security plan, ‘Plan Secure Jamaica’, which is multidimensional, so it will take all the various MDAs, as we look at a three-pronged approach – the reduction of crime and violence, increasing community and human development, and providing for safer spaces,” she explained.

The CSJP was a 19 -year-old social-intervention initiative that was activated in three phrases by the Government of Jamaica. The programme, which operated in 50 communities across the island, officially ended in March this year.

Miss Trowers said that under the ‘Citizen Security Plan’, which is aimed at improving citizen security in at-risk communities, there are 21 vulnerable communities and 17 schools in the Kingston Metropolitan Area, St. James, Clarendon and Westmoreland targeted by the Ministry and other MDAs.

Ministries that will be continuing service delivery in targeted communities are Labour and Social Security; Health and Wellness; Education, Youth and Information; and Justice.

The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA), Child Diversion, Restorative Justice, Victim Support Unit, National Parenting Support Commission (NPSC) and

Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH) will also be providing services in these communities.

Programme Manager of the CSJP III, Orville Simmonds, told JIS News that the CSJP III facilitated the capacity strengthening of the NCDA and NPSC to enhance their service delivery.

“The NPSC will continue to provide parenting services to communities, and CSJP just recently supported them to purchase a bus that will improve the access to parenting services by taking parenting trainers into communities. For the NCDA, there is a community system that will allow them to maintain their database of their clients, as well as staff, so that they can increase the delivery of their services,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Miss Trowers said that although the Ministry is targeting 21 communities under the Citizen Security Plan, all members of society will benefit from the Ministry’s approach to crime and violence.

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