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The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is determined to carry on its operations to restore security, peace and order in Jamaica, despite the sudden ending of the State of Emergency in Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine, says Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington.
“The work which we started on May 23 is not over. It could not have been completed in the short space of time between then and now. We were anticipating an extension of those limited powers, so that we could complete the job. We no longer have those powers, but we are determined to carry on our operations. We are determined to restore security, peace and order in this country,” Commissioner Ellington said.
He was speaking at the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica’s (PSOJ) President’s Forum on Friday (July 23) at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.
Mr. Ellington said that the Security Forces would continue to work, collaboratively, to achieve the best results, despite the fact that they no longer had emergency powers.
“Since we got news that the special powers were no longer available to us, we have had several meetings. We have crafted new strategies that we hope to roll out,” he said.
The Commissioner admitted that there will be challenges and shortcomings, but he assured Jamaicans and, in particular, the business community, that the Security Forces have combined their efforts, “so as to enable us to continue the fight to regain control of our streets and communities and to secure this country”.
Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Colonel, Rocky Meade, confirmed the continued support of the Military for the JCF in the fight against crime.
“The Jamaica Defence Force stands ready to continue to support the JCF in its efforts in dealing with the significant national security issues that we are faced with,” Colonel Meade said. He called on Jamaicans to support the Security Forces, as they carry out their duties in the effort to restore peace and order in the country.
President of the PSOJ, Joseph Matalon, commended the members of the JCF and the JDF for the work that they have been doing across the island, and urged them to continue to do so to the best of their ability.
The Forum was held in collaboration with FLOW Jamaica, under the theme, “Addressing National Security Issues”.
The State of Emergency, declared on May 23 and limited to Kingston, St. Andrew and, eventually, St. Catherine, ended Thursday after the Government failed to get Opposition support in Parliament to extend it for another month,

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