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Chief of Defence Staff, Rear Admiral Antonette Wemyss Gorman and Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson, yesterday briefed the Cabinet on the security challenges currently affecting the country.

The briefing comes as the Government moves more aggressively to cauterize gang violence in several areas across the island.

The Commissioner of Police gave Cabinet an update on the crime situation in Jamaica as well as the threats with which the security forces are contending. He gave data on current crime trends in various police divisions as well as successes and challenges in their efforts.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner also revealed that the police have started particular initiatives across the island aimed at reducing murders, the majority of which are due to lotto scamming and gang warfare.

The Chief of Defence Staff spoke to preventive efforts being placed on border control as well as medium and long-term strategies geared at addressing incidents of violence and the culture of violence.

Both the Commissioner of Police and Chief of Defence Staff outlined their recommendations in relation to how the security forces can be assisted in the fight against crime. They assured the Cabinet that there continues to be close collaboration between the police and the army in planning and execution.

The Cabinet acknowledged the importance of the soon to be tabled amendments to the Firearms Act and the Bail Act, as well as other initiatives the Government plans to implement in the short and long term, to support the efforts of the security forces on the ground, in helping to secure Jamaica.

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