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Commuters using the Half-Way-Tree Transportation Centre will be guided by a colour coding system, with which they are being urged to become familiar, as soon as the centre becomes operational on January 13.
The system will allow passengers to easily identify their routes through five colours – red, yellow, blue, green and purple.
Speaking with JIS News, Service Planning Manager at the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), Kirk Finnikin explained that the colour coding system is one of the methods being used to assist passengers.
As part of the process to manage the change associated with the new transportation centre, he pointed out that the JUTC has sought to assist passengers by introducing colours. “We have a five-colour scheme and they (signify) different routes based on the direction that these routes will be travelling,” he explained.
Mr. Finnikin added that passenger tickets would also be colour coded. Adults will use blue tickets while children, the disabled and the elderly will be issued with pink tickets.
He assured the travelling public that customer guides would be in place to provide assistance, and that commuters should not be intimidated by the changes. “It is new, it is different but we are going to have our customer guides on the ground because our objective is to get you from work to home. Our idea is to make sure that your journey is a whole lot simpler,” he said.
Outlining the process of using the centre, Mr. Finnikin said that once commuters get to the centre and purchase their ticket, they should then proceed to the manual board to read where they might find their route, where they want to go and which platform they need to move to, in order to get their connecting bus.
He added that there would also be an electronic board that would provide passengers with information on the time that the buses would be leaving the centre, based on a schedule. “We need to ensure that our passengers can depend on the bus. If the bus is supposed to leave at 5:00 p.m., the bus must leave at 5:00 p.m.,” he stressed.
The centre has two levels and each bay on a platform is labelled by a letter. Some 101 JUTC buses will be traversing the centre to 63 routes.

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