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Prime Minister Bruce Golding has emphasised that the sustained growth of the economy does not rest solely on the Government, but will be achieved by the collective effort of all Jamaicans, at home and abroad.
“It is therefore time for us, to answer the call from various sectors and interest groups of the Jamaican society, for a greater involvement for our overseas counterparts, in the running of our country,” the Prime Minister said.
In his message, read by Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Michael Stern, at the National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organization’s (NAJASO) annual awards banquet at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, downtown Cincinnati on July 19, Mr. Golding pointed out that members of the Diaspora have expressed a keen interest in the affairs of the country, as they want to contribute more than just remittances.
“I recognize that many organizations dispersed across the world, such as NAJASO, are making their contribution to our country in their unique ways. What is now required, is a more collaborative and structured approach, in order to create a bigger impact and yield greater results,” the Prime Minister said.
He argued that the work of organizations, such as NAJASO, signals to us “the abiding love, loyalty and dedication that such groups have for Jamaica.”
The Prime Minister lauded the founders of NAJASO for their foresight and initiative in recognising the need for such an organization.
In her remarks, President of NAJASO, Catherine Harrison-Tomlinson said the organisation would be spearheading a drive to procure US$1 million worth of medical supplies and equipment, which would be distributed to various hospitals in Jamaica.
She also pointed out that NAJASO would be examining various ways in which members could give more support to the country’s education sector.
Ernest Hawthorne and Reverend Jerry Price were awarded for outstanding contributions to NAJASO, while Ethel Whitehead was presented with the President’s Award.

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