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    Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington, has emphasised that a continued partnership between the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the Transport Authority is critical, as it seeks to ensure the safety of the passengers who use public transportation.
    “There is now a growing appreciation of the need for a strong partnership between law enforcement officers and the Transport Authority, first of all, to remove criminal elements from operations in the sector and to restore order, but perhaps more importantly, restoring dignity in the public transport sector,” the Commissioner said.
    Mr. Ellington was speaking at a ceremony, held to recognise his recent appointment as Commissioner of Police. The Transport Authority presented him with a plaque at the function, which was held at his offices on Old Hope Road, in Kingston, today (May 11).
    The Commissioner argued that one of the most vital infrastructure for any country, and in particular its cities, is a mass transit system, adding that members of the public deserve safety, security and dignity when using public transportation.

    Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington (left), speaking at a ceremony, spearheaded by the Transport Authority in recognition of his appointment as Commissioner of Police, at his Old Hope Road offices, in Kingston, today (May 11). At right is Managing Director, Transport Authority, Daniel Dawes. During the ceremony, the Transport Authority presented Mr. Ellington with a plaque to recognise his recent appointment.

    He also reiterated the JCF’s continued support for the Transport Authority to rid the transport system of all ills.
    “We are committed to working with you and to provide whatever support we can in terms of manpower, in terms of enforcement.whatever it is, we are prepared to partner with you for the citizens of the country,” Mr. Ellington said.
    The Commissioner also assured that the JCF would ensure that persons who conduct businesses in urban centres can do so in a safe and secure environment.
    Managing Director, Transport Authority, Mr. Daniel Dawes, said that over 800 illegal operators have been taken off the road through partnership with the JCF.
    He noted that the removal of dark tints and musical equipment from public passenger vehicles resulted from the collaborative effort between the two groups.
    “We see where our transport centres are being manned by police, we see where at least nine police are assigned to the regional offices on a daily basis, and in Kingston we have over 30 police assigned to the transport authority,” he added.

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