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Several value added products made from coffee were on show at Jamaica’s first coffee festival, which was held on Saturday, November 25, at the Cedar Valley Primary and Junior High School in St. Thomas.
The festival, organised jointly by the Cedar Valley Development Area Committee and the Yallahs Area Development Committee, is one of several activities being held in observance of Youth and Community Month.
It was held to increase an awareness of the products to residents of Cedar Valley and to highlight the community’s involvement in coffee production.
President of the Yallahs Area Development Committee and Co-ordinator of the festival, Howard Shepherd told JIS News that apart from the wide range of information on coffee, there were several booths displaying the many uses of coffee.
“Many persons only know coffee in the bean stage, so we wanted to widen their knowledge about the many other things that coffee could be used for, other than the hot beverage,” he said. Mr. Shepherd said that planning for next year’s event would begin earlier to make the event bigger, based on the overwhelming response and support from citizens.
Agencies participating in the event included the St. Thomas Parish Library, the Blue Mountain Coffee Co-operative, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority and community organisations in Cedar Valley.

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