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As of October 1 cocoa farmers will benefit from an increase in the price paid to them by the Cocoa Industry Board (CIB).
In an interview with JIS News, Manager of the Board, Naburn Nelson informed that cocoa farmers would be paid $1,340.06 per box for wet cocoa, up from $ 1,140.06.
He explained that this increase is based on a number of factors. “The decline in the Jamaican dollar and the whole matter of the good weather pattern has been encouraging and as a result the production has been over our expectation,” he informed.
“We had budgeted for over 60, 000 boxes and to date we have already gone 75,000 boxes. So that is almost 15,000 boxes over an above what had budgeted for, for the year. So all of this has contributed to the farmers getting a further increase,” he added. The cocoa crop year ends in September.
To bolster the productivity of existing cocoa farmers and the involvement of new ones, the Cocoa Industry Board has also enhanced its support services to farmers. “Cocoa agents, traditionally called collectors, have been working with farmers to encourage them to produce,” he informed.
The impending increase was first announced by Minister of Agriculture and Lands, Roger Clarke in June of this year, and the Board has since finalized the exact percentage.

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