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    The Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) has partnered with United Kingdom-based education publishing and assessment company, the Pearson Corporation, to develop an online matriculation pathway for students.

    The pilot for the programme commenced in September.

    It offers alternative entrance through the online matriculation programme, allowing students the opportunity to sit those subjects required for enrolment.

    The online platform provides students with notes, assignments and examinations for courses. Course content is supplied by the CMU.

    CMU President, Professor Fritz Pinnock, in providing details, said that the web-based programme is “driven by algorithms and artificial intelligence, which creates a unique pathway for each learner, thereby raising their level of competence”.

    He noted that approximately 100 students are enrolled in the pilot programme.

    “The key for us is not how you come in but how you exit, giving you credentials, discipline and professional certification. The CMU is committed to bringing access to learners on demand,” he said, noting that within the next two years, 60 per cent of all CMU courses will be offered online.

    Professor Pinnock was speaking at the university’s 2018 graduation ceremony held recently at the Jamaica Conference Centre, Downtown Kingston.

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