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The Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) is the beneficiary of a scholarship fund valued at US$3,500 from the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA). The fund is named for Monica Silvera, who was the first female director of the CSA.
At the handing over of the cheque today (Jan. 26) at the CMI’s Palisadoes headquarters in Port Royal, Corah Ann Robertson Sylvester, President of the CSA, expressed confidence that the scholarship would be used for its intended purpose.
She noted further that, “the scholarship is a continuation of our relationship and a sign of things to come. We will continue to offer support in any way we can”.
Captain Hopeton DeLisser, chairman of the CMI Board of governors, thanked the CSA for its donation and for assisting in the enhancement of training at the Institute. “We are very pleased to have the CSA assist us in enhancing the training sector with this scholarship. We guarantee that someone will benefit from this scholarship,” he stated.
The scholarship will be placed in the coffers of the Jamaica Maritime Trust Fund and will cover the tuition costs for the two years of study at the CMI. A recipient or a time when the scholarship will be taken up has not been finalized.
The CMI is a tertiary institution specializing in maritime education and training for professional seafarers and allied industry personnel.

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