CMC Has no Control Over CWC Matches Shown in The Region

The Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC), exclusive holders of the broadcast rights for the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 in the region, has said it has no control over the matches available in the West Indies.
“Let me put that to rest now. The CMC has absolutely no control over what games are shown on television,” said Adriel Richard, Cricket Plus Producer at CMC.
He was responding to concerns across the region, about the decision to televise the match between England versus Bermuda, rather than the match between West Indies versus Kenya.
“The CMC cannot sufficiently determine what matches we will see. This is solely in the hands of the television producers at Century Television, a company in Britain,” he informed, adding that the CMC only redistributed the signal provided by the company.
In fact, Mr. Richards disclosed that the television producers from Century Television told CMC that only four warm up matches would be available in the region. Of those four warm up matches, the two involving India, and the two featuring England against Bermuda and Australia, would be televised. Local broadcasters, he added, were informed of this arrangement from as early as July last year.
“Fortunately for us, the West Indies is involved in one of those two warm up games, which will be played on Friday, March 9,” he noted.
While the CMC redistributes the signal for television broadcast for radio, it has mounted a regional commentary panel for the radio broadcast and fans, who tuned in to their radios during the West Indies versus Kenya match, would have heard the CMC Cricket Plus coverage.
CMC successfully bid for the broadcast and radio rights for the ICC CWC 2007, last year, paying some US$5 million.

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