JIS News

The Judiciary of the Jamaica wishes to advise the public that the St. Ann Parish Court and its Brown’s Town Outstation will be closed today(Thursday, April 22, 2021) due to COVID-19.

Further information on reopening will be provided in the coming days. Matters that were scheduled to be heard on Thursday and Friday, including matters before the Circuit Court, will be adjourned and new dates assigned.

Beneficiaries of Maintenance Monies

Beneficiaries of maintenance monies, who still receive their payments via cheques, will be able to collect their cheques on Friday (April 23, 2021) at the Brown’s Town Outstation. However, they are being encouraged to sign up with the Cash Card or Direct Deposit systems to receive funds electronically. Persons can sign up for either of these facilities at the court office.

For further information, members of the public are encouraged to contact the Court Administration Division (CAD) at 876-754-8337 or visit our websites at www.cad.gov.jm and www.parishcourt.gov.jm.

The Judiciary regrets any inconvenience this closure may cause.

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