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    Work has commenced on the historic Clock Tower and its surroundings, located at the top of Barnett Street, in Montego Bay, with a view to giving that location the pride of place it once held in the city.

    Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Glendon Harris, said the St James Parish Council is carrying out the work and has classified it as priority.

    Addressing a JIS  ‘Think Tank’ at the Regional Office, in Montego Bay,  on  June 13, Mayor Harris noted that it has been a pride for Montegonians to say that they were born under the clock, in reference to the public clock tower which stood magnificently at that location for many years.

    ”We have commenced work on restoring the area and the clock, and it is one of our priorities to ensure that the clock is back in operation, and the environment is a place that we really enjoy and are proud of,” Mayor Harris said.

    The Mayor explained that the scope of work will entail renovating and repairing the clock and the clock tower, and landscaping the entire area, to include the retaining stone wall.

    “We are also looking at even what type of windows we can put in there (the tower), that will give it a look close to its original state, but can take more wear and tear,” he said.

    Mayor Harris said that there is much deliberation taking place as to what type of clock is to be installed, whether a digital or mechanical one.  He said that a letter has been sent to the Bureau of Standards to revive a long time offer from that organisation to undertake the replacement of the clock.

    By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter

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