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Member of Parliament for West Central St. James Clive Mullings on April 6 said farewell to members of staff at the Ministry of Energy, during a special meeting held at the Ministry’s headquarters located in the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) building, in Kingston.
Pointing out that he would no longer occupy the post of Minister of Energy, he thanked the staff for the tremendous support they had given him and encouraged them to press ahead as energy was critical to the nation’s drive towards development.
Permanent Secretary in the Energy Ministry Dr. Jean Dixon expressed appreciation to Mr. Mullings for the leadership he had provided to the staff at the Ministry.
As Minister of Energy, Mr. Mullings pushed for the development of a viable local bio-fuels industry and renewable energy technologies and also placed great emphasis on energy conservation and efficiency.
During his tenure, the Ministry officially launched the E10 fuel, a blend of 10 per cent ethanol and 90 per cent gasoline as part of the government’s energy diversification programme to reduce Jamaica’s dependence on imported crude oil. In introducing the E10 fuel, Jamaica joined countries such as Brazil, the United States of America, Canada and Sweden that use ethanol blended fuel.
Mr. Mullings served as Minister of Mining, Energy and Telecommunications starting in September 2007. He became Minister of Energy during 2008.

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