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Secretary of State-designate of the United States, Hillary Clinton, has said that she is hopeful of forging closer links and working relations with the Caribbean region.
Mrs. Clinton was speaking with Jamaica’s Ambassador to Washington, Anthony Johnson at a diplomatic reception at Washington Union Station on Tuesday night (Jan. 20), hours after the historic inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. Former President Bill Clinton was also in attendance.
Mrs. Clinton said she expected to deepen engagement with foreign countries as part of the effort to bring about more productive relations with America’s trading partners.
Former President Clinton, for his part, said that he had been observing the progress being made against HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean and was pleased that his charitable foundation had made a contribution in that area.
He lauded the outstanding performance of the Jamaican athletes at the Beijing Olympics, pointing out that he was particularly impressed with Usain Bolt.
Mr. Clinton said he had never seen an athlete perform so superbly, in terms of form, style, and acceleration, and predicted even greater things for the young athlete in the future. He expressed the hope that he could meet Bolt when he comes to Jamaica.
The former President said that he was a great admirer of Jamaica and had thoroughly enjoyed his past visits to the island.
Ambassador Johnson assured the Clintons that they were always welcome to visit Jamaica and thanked Mr. Clinton for the assistance he had provided to the country in the past.

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