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The Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professionals (JIEP) will host its Fourth Conference on the Environment at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, New Kingston, from May 26-27, under the theme “Climate Change: Caribbean Response”.
President of JIEP, Marcia Creary, announced today (April 27), at the launch of the conference, that the event will feature presentations from some of the region’s most respected environmental professionals. The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, based in Belize, and regional contributors to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, will also be represented.
“One of the objectives of the conference is to increase public awareness of the causes and potential impacts of climate change and potential adaptation strategies,” said Ms. Creary.

President of the Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professionals (JIEP), Marcia Creary, (centre) discusses the outline of JIEP Fourth Conference on the Environment, ‘Climate Change: Caribbean Response’, with (from left): Director of the Centre for Marine Sciences at the University of the West Indies, Dale Webber; Programme Manager at the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, Karen McDonald Gayle; Deputy Resident Representative for the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP), Akiko Fujii and, Communication Manager at Red Stripe, Dianne Ashton Smith, at the launch of the two-day event at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, New Kingston, on Monday(April 27).

She pointed out that the JIEP Conference on the Environment will present papers in eight sessions: “Global, Regional and Local Perspectives”; “Climate Change Research in the Region”; “Alternative Energy and Energy Conservation”; “Risk Management, Adaptation and Mitigation”; “Water, Agriculture and Forests”; “Health and Tourism”; “Community Ecosystems and Vulnerability”; and, “Policy and Communication”.
Ms. Creary said that objectives were also to discuss collective solutions and adaptation strategies for the Caribbean region, to highlight specific initiatives that have been undertaken globally, regionally and locally to address the issue of climate change, and to expose the general public to the issues of climate change and their role in the solutions.
The biannual conference has previously tackled environmental issues such as “Advancing Environmental Knowledge Towards Decision Making in Sustainable Development” in 2003; “Sustainable Development – Myths and Realities” in 2005; and, “Business and Sound Environmental Management in the Caribbean – What Makes it Work?” in 2007.
In hosting the conference, JIEP has collaborated with several governmental and private sector entities, including the Centre for Marine Sciences, at the University of West Indies, the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Red Stripe, Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), General Inspection Company (SGS) as well as an individual, Dane Buddo. The conference is being staged at a cost of over $4 million.
Established in 2000, JIEP is designed to recognise environmental professionals, giving them a collective voice and helping to raise their professional standards.
The environmental professionals’ umbrella group, JIEP, in 2007 was significant in the formation of the Caribbean Association of Environmental Professionals.
For further information on JIEP and the conference queries may be sent to jiepconference@gmail.com or jieps@cwjamaica.com.

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