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Schools in North Central Clarendon have participated in special educational sessions, to commemorate Earthquake Awareness Week (January 11 to 16), under the theme: ‘Earthquakes have no season: Be aware, you can prepare’.
The sessions were co-ordinated by the Clarendon Parish Disaster Committee, in conjunction with the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), May Pen regional office.
They were held on January 13 at the Victoria and Smithville Primary Schools, and at the Brandon Hill and Bunkers Hill All-age Schools on January 14 – Earthquake Awareness Day.
In an interview with JIS News, Nether Lyttle, Parish Disaster Co-ordinator explained that the sessions emphasized the importance of preparedness for this kind of hazard. Mr. Lyttle pointed out that the North Central Clarendon area had been chosen as some of the communities were situated near the Kraal River fault line.
“The theme this year really highlights the fact that earthquakes happen very suddenly, and so it is necessary to ensure that we know what to do when one occurs in Jamaica. We are making every effort to ensure that this happens in Clarendon,” he said.
Mr. Lyttle noted that other sessions have been planned in other schools outside of the week and for the rest of the month of January, to increase the level of awareness within the parish.
He said this was in addition to an earthquake awareness exhibition, which opened at the Clarendon Parish Library on January 12.

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