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Property taxes totalling $75 million have been collected in Clarendon over the period April 2003 – January 2004. This represents $10 million or a 15 per cent increase above the $65 million projected to be collected for the entire fiscal year.
James Samuels, Acting Director of Finance at the Clarendon Parish Council told JIS News that the $75 million was comprised of property taxes owing for the current year, as well as arrears for previous years.
He said that the amount collected for the 10-month period was a 300 per cent increase or $50.4 million more than the $24.6 million pulled in by the Revenue Department for the corresponding period April 2002 to January 2003.
“We have made a concerted effort this year to get all our property tax notices out, through a system of hand delivery and particularly into our rural areas. We have also set up a Parish Review Committee which looks at the issues faced by non compliant persons with a view to resolving these issues so that they can pay their property taxes,” he said.
Pointing out that this strategy had proven successful, he said that it had been complemented by a public education programme aimed at sensitizing residents about the uses of property taxes.
He said that a significant amount of the taxes were dedicated to offsetting garbage collection expenses, installation and maintenance of streetlights and to fund community development projects.

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