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Patricia Meikle, Yanique Sparks, Ainseanlea Campbell and Jervine Richards have emerged winners in the Clarendon Parish Library’s Reading competition for 2005.
They were recognized for their outstanding performance in the competition at an annual awards ceremony held at the library in May Pen on August 19.”The main objectives of the reading competition are to encourage good reading habits, develop reading skill and cultivate an appreciation for books,” Sheryl Cousins, Senior Librarian at the Clarendon Parish library told JIS News.
She explained that the competition is held at individual parish libraries across the island, where participants vie for the top positions in the parish and then compete at the national level.
Mrs. Meikle topped the adult category for persons 15 years and older, Yanique won the 12 -14 age group category, Ainseanlea topped the 9-11 age group and Jervine won the 6-8 age group.
The winners received trophies and gift packages of books and stationery, while all participants received certificates and book packages.
Miss Cousins commended sponsors at the local level, including Young’s Pharmacy, Juici Patties, Michael Ming Supermarket, Macy Department Store, Maxie’s Department Store and SuperPlus Food Stores.
Winners at the parish level will go on to compete in the National Quiz Competition on September 3.
Miss Cousins said that a national reading fair, which was launched in 2004 as part of the celebratory activities to recognize all the parish and national champions and to help give exposure to literature, would be held on Saturday, September 10 at Devon House in Kingston.
Some 23 persons participated in all categories of the competition at the parish level, with five participants in the 6-8 age group, seven participants in the 9-11 age, nine persons in the 12-14 age group and two in the adult category.
“Entering the competition has really taken my interest to another level, because I find that I no longer just read the books for general enjoyment but really pay attention to writing style, to the many messages that can be gleaned from characters, to new words and meanings and I would really encourage adults to enter this competition,” Mrs. Meikle told JIS News.
Ainseanlea told JIS News that she was looking forward to representing her parish at the national level and that she had learnt a lot from being in the competition, especially about black history.

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