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The Clarendon police is reaping some success in its efforts to foster more harmonious relations between police and citizens of the parish.
Deputy Superintendent of Police attached to the May Pen Police Station, Marcia Reid, told JIS News that the police has been working closely with the various community groups to arrive at solutions to some of the problems that plague the parish.
She said the police will be working with the Social Development Commission (SDC) to encourage the formation of neighbourhood watch groups and youth clubs, through which they will work to improve relations with residents. A total of 30 neighbourhood groups have been launched in the parish, 17 of which are still active, while there are some 12 vibrant youth clubs.
The Canaan Heights and Bucks Common clubs, which have been dormant for the past several months due to a flare-up of crime in the communities, were recently re-activated, and are expected to be agents of change for persons living in these areas.
The police will also be increasing patrol of the various neighbourhoods in May Pen and in keeping with the mandate of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), will be hosting community meetings each month.
Meanwhile, Community Relations Officer, Sandra Webb-Spence, disclosed that the Counselling and Mediation Unit has been experiencing “extremely encouraging results” from the proactive approach used in the resolution of conflicts. She said this was particularly evident among the juvenile population, and parents and school administrators have been making increased use of this facility, as they have observed positive changes in the general attitude and behaviour of their young charges.
“The schools often call us when they are having problems with particular students. More and more, we get reports from both the parents and persons at these schools about the positive turnabout the individuals have made, after they have received counselling,” she told JIS News.
“This is what community policing is all about; going in, identifying the problems, and working on these with members of the community,” she stated.
In the meantime, the Clarendon police, will be increasing its vigilance, particularly in school zones as part of efforts to protect children. Buses and taxis transporting students are being monitored more closely, and drivers who flout the various regulations are being prosecuted, accordingly. Additionally, school lectures have been stepped up as students are being made aware of the dangers that exist, and are advised as to how best they can protect themselves.

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