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The Clarendon Infirmary, has received a gift of six water heaters from Sylvia Martin, a friend of the institution.
Matron at the Infirmary, Joyce Anderson, expressed appreciation for the gift, which she said, would benefit the elderly residents of the infirmary.
“The residents here,” she said, “are experiencing bodily changes. They are not able to tolerate change very well. These heaters have come in very handy. We will be installing one on each of the six wards and this way, everyone should benefit.”
It will cost about $87,000 to install the heaters and in addition to the efforts of the Parish Council to have them set up, the assistance of organizations and individuals will not be refused.
Meanwhile, Councillor Trevor Morris, Chairman of the Parish’s Poor Relief Committee, has reported that the general health of the 140 residents of the Infirmary remains fairly good. This, he said, should be further enhanced by the services of the resident doctor, who was recently contracted by the Parish Council to provide medical support to the residents.
He expressed gratitude to well-meaning individuals and organizations, who continue to be mindful of the welfare of those who are less fortunate.
Only recently, he disclosed, the Infirmary received goods and gifts amounting to $93,723.76.

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