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The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) will demonstrate joined-up government in action at the Civil Service Expo on Tuesday at Emancipation Park.  The Expo is under the theme:  Civil servants in action: celebrating Jamaica.

The Jamaica Archives and Records Department (JARD); the Bureau of Women’s Affairs (BWA), the Jamaica Anti Doping Commission (JADCo) and the National Identification Systems project (NIDS) – all agencies under the Office Of The Prime Minister, OPM, have come together to show the power of collaboration in their unified focus on addressing the issue of violence against women ahead of the international day for the elimination of violence against women being observed on Sunday, November 25, 2012.

JARD will give an effective display on the tremendous gains made by Jamaica in commerce and social life by highlighting aspects of the plantation era. The department, which first started collecting records in the 1600s, will showcase the rich opportunities that Jamaica had and still has in our bountiful natural environment and the strength and creativity of the people. Visitors will have a chance to test their knowledge in quizzes and win an exquisite postcard produced by JARD from its archives.

The Bureau of Women’s Affairs will be incorporating the international message "Sexual Violence & Domestic Abuse: a major barrier to women’s safety and empowerment” in their display, and will strengthen the message through videos and also quizzes. Jamaican stalwarts in the field of women’s advocacy will also be highlighted and featured in the space.

Bringing forward the importance of a drug free environment to Jamaica’s advancement in sport is the Jamaica Anti Doping Commission. Visitors will see the work being done by officers to test athletes for drugs and also materials to inform sportsmen and women about ensuring that their bodies are clean for international competition. JADCo will show relevant videos and also have fun activities to promote knowledge of this area.

Giving a glimpse into the future, the National Identification System (NIDS), will show government’s programme to create a more structured public service. When successfully implemented, it will enable more effective delivery of services to individuals, and also provide up to date information on citizens and residents of Jamaica.

 The joined-up approach for the booth highlights the vision of government to be increasingly effective in its operations, using knowledge and collaborative methods.

The 2012 Civil Service week was launched at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) Monday afternoon (November 19) under the theme Civil servants in action: celebrating Jamaica. Guest speaker was former Prime Minister and Chancellor of the University of Technology, Edward Seaga. The long service awards to public servants with 25 years of service and more takes place on Thursday (November 22) at King’s House.


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