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Plans are now far advanced for the staging of a civic ceremony in recognition of the 127th Birthday Anniversary of National Hero, The Right Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante.

The ceremony will be held in Blenheim, Hanover on Thursday, February 24, starting at 11 a.m., on the grounds of the house in which he was born. It is being organized by the Hanover Parish Council, in collaboration with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC).

According to JCDC Field Services Director, Marjorie Leyden-Vernon, an interesting and exciting function is being planned. A planning committee has been formed, comprising representatives from a number of agencies and organizations, working in tandem with the Civic and Community Affairs committee of the Hanover Parish Council.

“We are looking at hosting an event that will showcase some of the parish’s exciting gold medal pieces, coming from schools like Rusea’s High, Green Island High, Middlesex Corner Primary and Lucea Primary,” she stated.

She said that presentations will reflect on different aspects of the life of the late National Hero. A special guest speaker will also be on the programme.

“We usually have over 500 persons in attendance and we are anticipating that it will be the same, and our civic leaders are usually in attendance,” she said. She also extended an invitation to neighbouring communities for their usual support.

She said it was as an honour for the staff of the JCDC to work along with the other agencies and organizations, to put the event together. She noted that the event is an aspect of the mandate of the JCDC to preserve the culture of Jamaica and ensure that Sir Alexander is remembered.