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Programme Director for the National Identification System (NIDS), Warren Vernon, is assuring the public that personal data stored under the system will be secure.

He said that persons will have control over the disclosure or release of their identity information.

“Once you appear in a private-sector or a government entity, the first step of this process is that you must give permission for your information to be disclosed or for your identity to be verified.

“Once that is done, you will punch in your pin, because you need to punch in your pin to authenticate the transaction. The system will store a log of that event. You will also be notified and the information will be disclosed to the entity,” Mr. Vernon said.

He was addressing the fifth virtual town hall staged by the Joint Select Committee on the National Identification & Registration Act, 2020, held on Wednesday (January 27).

Mr. Vernon noted that accredited organisations, such as financial institutions, will be able to connect to the system to verify the identity of a client.

He stressed that these institutions will not have access to the client’s personal information.

“Once they go to the [NIDS] authority’s website, and type in the National Identification Number (NIN) and the information that is on the face of the card, they will get a match or a mismatch,” he explained.

“The system won’t reveal or disclose any information at all. All it will confirm really is, ‘yes, this card is in the Government’s database’,” he added.

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