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Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Hon. Karl Samuda, is imploring citizens to pay their water bills, as this contributes to the continued development of the country’s water infrastructure.

“I am going to appeal to those who will benefit from these systems, that when the water is supplied, you must make your contribution. You cannot expect the Government to spend millions of dollars to bring relief to the communities that you live in and expect the service to go without some form of payment. It has to be paid, so that we can continue to develop other areas that need it,” he said.

Minister Samuda was speaking at a ceremony on November 23 for the official commissioning of the upgraded Montpelier water supply system in South St. James.

The Montpelier supply is one of four systems recently upgraded by the Rural Water Supply Limited (RWSL).

The projects, which cost some $54 million, include the rehabilitation of the Spring Gardens water system, and rainwater-harvesting systems at the Roehampton Primary and Basic School and Anchovy Primary School.

Minister Samuda said that the Government continues to implement several projects to expand capacity and infrastructure to harness water, regularise service and protect water sources.

“We have water… [and] we must harness that water, but in harnessing that water we must provide the infrastructure, the pipes, the distribution that will enable that water to reach where it’s needed, and that is to the consumers of the country,” he said.

“This is a very essential aspect of our strategy for economic growth and development,” he added.

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