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Residents of Pridee Housing Scheme in Milk River, Clarendon were treated to a day of fun, excitement, and camaraderie at a cultural expo held at the community playfield on Monday (Oct. 20).
The event, a first for the community, was staged as part of the activities marking Heritage Week, as well as to highlight the communities within the Milk River area.
President of the Pridee Housing Scheme Citizens’ Association, Dian Bartley, in explaining the rationale behind the staging of the cultural expo said, “the cultural expo here in Pridee, Milk River is primarily aimed at one, highlighting the several talents amongst the youngsters within the community and it is also to engender a spirit of camaraderie amongst the communities, because it is not just confined to our immediate housing scheme, but to the adjoining communities”.
“The rationale behind what we are doing here is to bring communications to a high level, to bring cooperation and unity as a whole. We want to reach out and meet everybody, so that each person will be the other person’s neighbour in more than the neighbourly sense. We want to be able to look out for each other,” added community leader, Sharon Irons-Francis.
The cultural expo featured a display entitled ‘Grow What You Eat’, highlighting crops grown in Jamaica and a miniature compost heap box showing how to cultivate a backyard garden. Other items on display were: images of the National Heroes, traditional foods and drinks, traditional household items, Jamaican plants, craft items, and old currencies, as well as educational brochures.
A three-member team from the Clarendon Horticultural Society judged the displays for originality, creativity and the use of items indigenous to the area.
Social Development Officer, attached to the National Housing Trust (NHT), Clarendon Office, Devon Hudson, in endorsing the event said “I think this is an excellent idea to bring the community together because when communities get active like this, it does well for the entire area.activities like these do put communities on the map”.
He said that the cultural expo staged in Pridee is an event that other housing developments should consider adopting and that the NHT has plans in place to conduct a seminar to expose communities to areas that will enable them to become better empowered. Mr. Hudson added that this seminar will focus on areas such as the environment, education, and the culinary arts.
Speaking with JIS News, the residents said they hoped to replicate the event. Other activities included six-a-side football matches, and a variety of races, and competitions.