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Superintendent of Police for Manchester, Ryland Salmon, has said that the close collaboration among community groups, citizens, and the police over the past three months, was yielding results, with the capture of many wrongdoers.
“It is clear to us that our community-based policing is working in certain critical communities and that our work is producing results where we have recovered stolen items and have apprehended a number of offenders. In December and January, we did not have a single murder in the parish,” he boasted at a meeting of the Optimist Club of Mandeville, held on Tuesday (March 3) at Villa Gardens.
He noted that there was a “little challenge in February with a murder committed in a community that has given the police numerous challenges, but almost before the gun went silent we knew who had committed that crime. We are on his trail and he will be put behind bars.”
According to Mr. Salmon, the increased co-operation of citizens in crime fighting was the result of “the careful work of the police to get people to have confidence in them, so that critical information can be passed on to help in the stemming of crime in the parish”.
“I want to congratulate the citizens of Manchester for responding to our interventions in communities and our calls for them to work with us. We put in hard work and it’s now paying off and we will build on this success,” he stated.
Superintendent Salmon said that patrols in communities have been stepped up, and he had committed to assist persons, who transport large sums of money. He urged citizens to continue to co-operate and follow the advice of the police.

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