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A special church service launching the 11th annual St. Elizabeth Homecoming celebration, was held on Sunday, November 21 at the Bethlehem Moravian Church in Malvern.
In his address, Chairman of the St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation, Reverend Orville Neil said that persons living in the parish should not lose hope because of the damage caused by Hurricane Ivan, but should exercise faith and reconstruct their homes and businesses.
“The theme that the Foundation has chosen for this year is, ‘Restore, Rebuild and Renew’, which is in keeping with the focus of reconstructing lives, as well as the social, educational and economic base of the parish,” he said.
Reverend Neil said that in spite of the many challenges the residents of the parish sometimes faced, they were by nature very resilient individuals, who could rise from the ruins of adversity.
“Let us go forward from this experience with a new resolve and determination to build and not to despair. I know that somehow God will not allow us to remain in this unproductive state. What he is saying is for us to replant our gardens and eat what we produce. Sometimes what seems to be our greatest setback can be our greatest opportunity and blessing,” he noted.
Reverend Neil emphasized that there was no point in persons remaining in the Pre-Ivan era, mentally.
“Too often we talk about the good old days and we do not adjust to changing circumstances. We need to wake up and come to grips with the fact that we are living in a post-Ivan era and God Himself wants us to accept the new reality and make the best use of our opportunities,” he said.
The second activity to be undertaken by the Foundation this week will be a celebrity ‘curry goat cricket match’ and wellness exposition on Saturday, November 27, at the Alpart Sports Club in Nain. On show will be a number of leading West Indies and Jamaican cricketers, who will be playing against a team from St. Elizabeth.
Persons traumatized by the passage of Hurricane Ivan are invited to be treated at the wellness exposition.

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