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The need to demonstrate greater love, care and protection to the nation’s children and to instill in them, proper values and attitudes, were highlighted at a special church service held on Sunday (Feb.12) at the Calvary Baptist Church in Montego Bay.
The service was organized by the Child Development Agency (CDA) to launch National Foster Care Recognition Week from February 12 to 19 under the theme: ‘Share your heart . open your home.’ During the week, focus will be placed on foster parents and institutions, which cater to the needs of children, especially those who are wards of the state.
In bringing greetings at the service, Chief Executive Officer of the CDA, Alison Anderson, underscored the importance of healthy, stable, nurturing and caring families in the development of a healthy, productive and prosperous nation.
“We want to spread the message that family is love and we want Jamaicans to know that each and every one of us . has a part to play in improving family life in our community. Sharing your heart and opening your home by fostering a child is one of the easiest and best means of so doing,” she said.
Meanwhile, she commended participants in the foster care programme in western Jamaica, noting that, “when it comes to foster care, it is clear that the west is the best and I can say this without fear of contradiction”.
According to the CDA head, “the western region has for many years been the undisputed champion of our National Foster Care Programme. This is a testament not only to the hard work and dedication of the team of professionals, who have led this charge, but equally to the unswerving commitment of all the people of the region to the cause. Our presence with you today is our modest way of saying thank you and acknowledging the significant contribution you have made to nation building.”
Public Defender, Howard Hamilton, who brought greetings on behalf of Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke, said that the decline in discipline and the presence of lawlessness in society were the result of a breakdown of parenting and good family values in the country over the past 50 years.
“I am happy to be identifying with the launch of National Foster Care Recognition Week today, as this is an age group that is in serious trouble. Fighting crime is not only about dealing with the criminals that exist today; we have to ensure that no more are coming tomorrow,” Mr. Hamilton noted.
He urged Jamaicans to identify more with the 63 children’s homes across the country and seek to rescue those hundreds of children, who need their support and love. Mr. Hamilton further called on persons to join the church in ensuring that all children under the age of 10 regularly attended Sunday school, where they would receive the necessary guidance and instructions.

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