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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, has said that the church must become more visible, extending its reach beyond the congregation and into the wider society.
“The church must be more involved and be engaged in programmes and activities in the community, that not only promote a change in attitudes and behaviour, but also transform the circumstances in which people live,” the Governor-General stated.
He was speaking at a meeting of denominational heads and church leaders this morning (Sept. 4) at the Jamaica Theological Seminary in Kingston.
According to the Governor-General, the history of the church in Jamaica abounds with evidence of its involvement in education, family life, community development, the struggle for freedom, and the empowerment of people.
He urged the institution to “look at the three core areas of concern for the people – family, education and youth and community development – and work with urgency, fervency, and emergency to rescue a nation fiddling at the precipice.”
“If the people do not feel the impact and see a change in their circumstances it does not become a part of their reality,” he added.
Meanwhile, Sir Patrick urged the church leaders to support the National Transformation Programme and to work to instil righteous thinking in the Jamaican people.
“As a leader, the church must be able to get people to do what God wants them to do, because they want to do it,” the Governor-General pointed out.
He noted that as more persons become educated, the natural tendency is for them to move away from faith, and things that they cannot explain with scholastic thought.
“This is when the church needs to convince persons, not by going head-to-head in debates, but by showcasing to the world the positive results of righteous living,” the Governor-General said.
“The church needs to do what is necessary, what is right, in order to maintain its rightful place,” he added.

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