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The Lighthouse Holiness Church in Miramar, Florida, has donated a large shipment of supplies amounting to US$58,000 to families and health institutions across the island.
Needy families in St. Elizabeth, Portland, St. Thomas, Trelawny, Clarendon, Westmoreland, St. James and Kingston and St. Andrew will benefit from the supplies.
The shipment includes clothing, beds, wheelchairs and walkers, non-perishable foods and educational items.
The distribution will take place this month when volunteers of the church’s annual mission to Jamaica, ‘Have a Heart Ministry’, arrive in the island. Jamaican-born pastor of the congregation, Reverend Letoria Derizzio, explained that this year the collection was expanded tremendously to assist more families in those areas affected by the passage of Hurricane Dean on August 19.
The programme, which began nearly 10 years ago, has grown to assist hundreds of persons across the island.
Rev. Derizzio expressed gratitude to members of the congregation for their donations and volunteerism. She noted that the effectiveness of the programme was a testament to the congregation’s commitment.
The project is co-ordinated by the Red Cross, Salvation Army and local churches and schools in the distribution effort.
Manufacturers and distributors, corporations and public offices in Florida as well as Jamaica have supported the programme.

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