JIS News

A scholarship fund valued at $100,000.00 has been established by the Bethephil Baptist Church, in Chatham, St. James, to assist high school and tertiary level students from the community as well as students from the wider Eastern areas of the parish.
Contributions for the fund were presented to pastor of the church, Rev. Rudolph Brooks, by Attorney-at-Law, Clayton Morgan, at a church service held yesterday (May 7).
Several persons from Chatham and surrounding communities, including students dressed in the uniforms of their respective schools, participated in the service, which was held to mark the commencement of Education Week activities.
Mr. Morgan, whose late father was a well known Baptist Minister and Member of Parliament, said he hoped that many students would benefit from the fund as they prepare for future leadership.
“I am suggesting that this money be placed in a special Trust Fund and be invested in an interest bearing account in perpetuity, and that this be administered by the church body. Once each year, the church would determine the most needy student or students and assist them in achieving their educational aspirations,” Mr. Morgan told JIS News.
He noted that the fund would, in time, seek to move beyond the “church” boundary, lending a hand of assistance to students in need as the church saw fit. He urged persons across the country to support this idea and assist in setting up trust funds all over the country in order to ensure that the country’s future leaders be given every opportunity to excel in their education.
Rev. Brooks extended appreciation to Mr. Morgan for the timely presentation and promised that the funds would be administered well, so that the communities around could reap greater benefits and support from the church.