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Rev. Neville Callam, Pastor of the Tarrant and Balmagie Baptist Churches in Kingston, has charged the church community to “seek to the urgent renewal” of programmes and activities that would support and enhance family life in Jamaica.
“I believe that it is of paramount importance that the churches prepare themselves, not only to assert the fundamental role of the family for the integrity of the society, but also to take definite steps to support healthy family life in this country”, Rev. Callam stated, as he delivered the Emancipation Lecture at the Calvary Baptist Church in Montego Bay on July 30.
He noted that as a basic unit of social organization, the family played a vital role in the life of any society.
“It is part of the purpose of God that the family should be the cradle of human life with nurturing, loving and caring functions, thus serving both to strengthen the foundations of community life and to provide the context for right relations with all of creation,” he stated.
Rev. Callam, who spoke on the topic: ‘The family: past and present – the stronghold of society’ put forward a 10-point proposal, which he challenged the church to adopt to ensure the sanctity, importance and effectiveness of the family.
Among the proposals are: that the church must ensure that provisions were made for members to spend quality time with their families; that concerns for children, youth, and the family be integrated in the church’s teaching and preaching ministry; provide access to competent and confidential counselling and care for all members; provide access to information and training in child care for the community at large; move to train members to transform their homes into worshipping communities by way of family devotions; and that the church rediscover and commit to the power of intercessory prayer, especially for the families of the land.
“I call upon the church to renew its commitment to the culture of intercessory prayer as a primary mode of trust in divine sovereignty . this will assist us in affirming that we seriously desire to maintain that the family is the stronghold of society, not only in the past, but also in the present,” Rev Callam pointed out.
The 10th annual Emancipation lecture included performances by cultural groups from the church community, the Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club Band and the Hatfield Cultural Group.