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The capability of the Renal Dialysis Unit, at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), has been boosted with the donation of renal equipment by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Delroy Chuck and his wife Patricia.
The items include four haemodialysis chairs, a hand-held Doppler and a portable electrocardiogram (ECG) machine.
Addressing the handing over ceremony yesterday (Nov. 5) at the hospital located downtown, Mr. Chuck informed that in lieu of presents for his 30th wedding anniversary, monetary contributions were made and upon consultation with the medical staff, much needed equipment was purchased for the Renal Unit.
He said he was very pleased to have made the donation, which will be used to improve the services offered at the Unit and expressed a willingness to assist in the acquisition of other needed items. “If you let Dr. Patrick Bhoorasingh (Senior Medical Officer) get a list of the items that you need…my wife…she will get them for you.”
Mr. Chuck implored other members of the society to donate in an effort to ensure that the required equipment are available within the health sector.
“We can send [the] message out to the people in the better-off communities that what (we) did…it can be replicated by other couples. When they have their anniversaries they can collect funds and make those donations to the KPH or other organisations that are in need of funds,” he suggested.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Delroy Chuck (right), seems very delighted to receive a plaque from Sister in charge of the Renal Dialysis Unit, at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), Christine Russell-Harris, at a handing over ceremony, held at the hospital in Kingston on November 5. The Speaker handed over equipment to the Unit, including four haemodialysis chairs, a portable electro-cardiogram (ECG) machine and a hand held Doppler.

“There are institutions,” he continued, “that need equipment and if these funds can be redirected to these institutions, to assist with the purchase of equipment.it would go a far way to ease the burdens not only of the institutions, but of the patients.”
Mr. Chuck further implored persons to take a holistic approach to healthy living and lifestyle practices, adding that this approach will be beneficial to self and country.
Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the KPH, David Dobson, expressed gratitude for the donation, noting that “these items will contribute significantly to haemodialysis care here at KPH.”
He encouraged others to contribute, adding that “in every small way that you can contribute it really helps.”
Dr. Bhoorasingh, in his remarks, said that “the health services by itself cannot maintain dialysis care for these patients,” and as such commended the Chucks for the donation that was made.
The Renal Unit provides medical treatment to persons affected by kidney disease.

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