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A Resolution calling on Parliament to engage in a debate on the island’s justice system and the problem of crime and violence is now before the House of Representatives.
It was moved by Opposition Spokesman on Justice and Member of Parliament for St. Andrew North Eastern, Delroy Chuck during yesterday’s (January 17) sitting of the House. The Resolution reads:
Whereas the people of Jamaica have lost confidence in the judicial system to deliver justice on a timely basis;
And whereas the inordinate delays and repeated adjournments have caused severe inconvenience and suffering to witnesses, litigants, counsel and victims of crime, negligence and civil breaches;
And whereas witnesses are in great fear and trepidation to give statements and to appear in our courts of law;
And whereas the people are in grave doubt that criminal investigations are properly and effectively conducted to ensure that guilty persons are convicted and innocent persons acquitted;
And whereas the need exists to strengthen and retain the cadre of prosecuting attorneys at the Director of Public Prosecutions; And whereas the demand for justice is now rallying across communities in Jamaica:
Be it resolved that this Honourable House engage in a full debate of the justice system, the problem of crime and violence in our society and consider ways and means to deliver justice on a timely and effective basis to the people of Jamaica;And be it further resolved that Parliament recommend a full enquiry into our machinery of justice.

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