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The Christmas treat for children living in and around the town of Lucea in Hanover, which is staged annually by the Mayor, in collaboration with the Hanover Parish Council, will be held on Monday, December 19.
In an interview with JIS News, Mayor Lester Crooks said the event would coincide with the municipal Christmas tree lighting ceremony in the town.
He pointed out that of the $1.5 million needed to fund the treat for 1,500 children and to stage the tree-lighting ceremony, approximately $450,000 has been collected through contributions from the business sector within the parish.
The Mayor said that from experience, he knew that some businesses would be making their contributions nearer to the time of the event, so he was expecting more donations.
“We have sent out about four to five hundred letters to people, even abroad, and I am proud of the response that I have been receiving,” he said.
The Mayor noted that the morning session of the event would take place at the municipal building where the children would receive their gift packages, while in the afternoon there would be entertainment at the newly constructed Lucea car park on Willie Delisser Boulevard. “It will be one big family affair with music, presents for the children and lots of refreshments,” he added.
He said that the tree-lighting ceremony would take place at 7:00 p.m. in Bustamante Square, near the Lucea Post Office.

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