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My Fellow Jamaicans!
As the Christmas breeze blows across our beloved Jamaica, I bring you season’s greetings – and I would like to say a special word of welcome to all visiting friends and relatives who have come home for the Season.
It is indeed, ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ – a time for worship, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and fellowship with family and friends as well as other social activities, in true Jamaican fashion.
Unfortunately, even in the midst of this Season of light, it is difficult to ignore the shadows cast by unprecedented levels of violence and other challenges. The good news is, however, that we can lighten our hearts by meditating on the Christmas message of peace, love and hope for humankind. This message is perhaps even more relevant now than ever before. If we let the seeds of its inspiration take root and bloom in our families and communities throughout the year, we will succeed in making our land calm, peaceful and bright.
One of the ways that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ is by giving gifts, as a way of highlighting the principles of love and service that He taught and lived. This is why, as always, I appeal to those able to give, to make a special effort to contribute to the happiness of fellow Jamaicans who are hungry, or feeling the impact of poverty, in other ways. It is possible that your act of sharing your resources will be the beam of light that lifts someone, or even an entire family, from deep despair and can bring a smile to the face of an elder or a child.
Let us also remember to reach out to the lonely and the shut-ins who may be glad for the human contact. It is important that we look beyond our usual circles of family, friends and colleagues, to make Christmas a happy time for others, especially the children. Any caring action diminishes the power of aggression and violence by spreading love and peace.
Fellow Jamaicans, my heartfelt wish for you this Christmas, is that you are blessed with love, joy and togetherness throughout the season. Let there be peace on earth and goodwill to all humankind! To you and to all who are near and dear to you, Happy Christmas. God bless you!

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