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Minister of Education, Hon. Ronald Thwaites, is encouraging students to choose their career path wisely in order to succeed in the world of work.

He was addressing the National Career Development Conference held on February 15 at the Jamaica Conference Centre, downtown Kingston.

Stating that "education is (the) doorway for career development,” the Education Minister told the hundreds of students gathered that “while you all won’t know what is it you want to do now, and you may change your mind many times in the next few years,  what must not change is that ambition to do well for yourselves and community."       

“Education remains the number one priority of your lives and if you are hoping for a better future for yourselves and for your children…then your dedication to the process of education, in whatever form it takes, is the most important thing that you can possibly do,” he added.

He urged teachers and guidance counsellors to develop the skills that are relevant and vital to the society, while encouraging the students to always advance themselves academically in an effort to remain competitive in the dynamic world of work.

“The truth of the present age is that very few people have one career for the whole of their lifetime anymore…and, therefore, you should seek the broadest level of engagement at your stage and open your mind and relish the opportunities that are available to you,” he said.

The conference was held under the theme: ‘The Road to a Brighter Future: Education, Employment and Economic Development’ and formed part of activities observing National Career Awareness Week.

An initiative of the Education Ministry in collaboration with the Heart Trust/NTA, National Career Development Awareness Week is being observed from February 12 to 17.


By Chris Patterson, JIS Reporter