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GraceKennedy Limited’s Technical Sales Representative, Silbert O’Meally, has called on Jamaicans to put their hearts and minds to the task of giving the nation’s children a chance to grow up and live fruitful lives.
Mr. O’Meally was addressing the launch of National Child Month, with the theme, “All I Want is a Chance to Grow Up”, at the First Assembly of God Church in Ocho Rios, St. Ann on Sunday (May 2).
Speaking on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer of GraceKennedy Limited, Douglas Orane, he said that this year’s theme gives voice to the silent plea of thousands of Jamaican children who lack the care and protection of responsible adults; are at risk for malnutrition and related illnesses; are vulnerable to violence; and are at the mercy of uncaring and dangerous motorists.
Mr. O’Meally pointed out that the task of working together to ensure that children get a chance to grow up might seem daunting, but if persons play their part the impact would, in due course, become noticeable.

Chairman for the National Child Month Committee, Dr. Pauline Mullings, annoints the forehead of a little girl at the Launch of National Child Month on Sunday (May 2) at the First Assembly of God Church in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Child Month is being observed under the theme, ‘All I Want is a Chance to Grow Up’

“Let us start with our own families, through the organizations we represent, through the schools in our community. Let us remember the children in our children’s homes, who long for the attention of an adult who finds them special,” he suggested.
Mr. O’Meally also urged his audience to become mentors, guardians, friends of the many children who are longing for their love and interest.
“Let us revive and strengthen the spirit of volunteerism, as we seek to save the lives of our children,” he said.
Focusing on the nation’s children and some of the problems they face, Mr. O’Meally said that Jamaicans should seek to put much effort into finding out the problems the children face and come up with solutions, not only to keep them alive, but to improve the quality of their lives, as well.
“We must recapture the feeling and commitment of the Jamaica of three or four decades ago, when most adults felt a sense of responsibility towards all children in our vicinity,” he said.
He also encouraged families to pray together, and seek to instill positives in their children, to give them a chance to grow up to be the best that they can be.

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