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The National Child Month Committee has promised a series of engaging and uplifting activities for Child Month 2009, which will focus national attention to the need to protect the environment for the future of the nation’s children.
Under the theme: ‘Preserve the Environment: Protect our Children’, the month will seek to heighten awareness of the rapidly deteriorating social and physical surroundings in which Jamaica’s children have to live.
Activities will kick off on May 3 with a National Church Service at the Bethel Baptist Church, 6 Hope Road, Kingston at 9:00 a.m.
On Children’s Action Day, Friday, May 15, children across the island will work on environmental projects in their respective schools and communities. The national activity will take place at Denham Town Primary School, 105 North Street, Kingston 14, where the Committee will assist with the school gardening project at that institution.
“Get the children involved on Action Day,” urged Chairperson of the National Child Month Committee, Dr. Pauline Mullings. “Engage them in activities such as tree planting, building compost heaps and other clean-up or environmentally-related projects.”
The Child Month Committee will reward the creative energies and intellect of entrants in the Annual Child Month Poster and Essay Competition at an award ceremony on Friday, May 29 at the Alhambra Inn, Kingston 6.
In keeping with a tradition since 2005, Child Month activities will extend beyond May, with the staging of the Community Service Awards at the Alhambra Inn on September 25, to recognize stalwarts in community development.
On November 20, Universal Children’s Day, children across Jamaica will again participate in number of environmental projects to highlight the need for environmental preservation.
The final activity for 2009 will be the National Youth Forum on November 27 at the St. Andrew Parish Church.
The first Child Month Committee was formed in 1953, under the chairmanship of Lady Foote, wife of then Governor Sir Hugh Foote. The membership of the committee comprised the Child Welfare Association; Jamaica Children’s Services Society (now VOUCH); and Jamaica Save the Children Fund.
Since 1961 the National Child Month Committee has expanded to include government and non-governmental institutions working in the interest of the nation’s children.
The 56th observance of Child Month was officially launched at the Institute of Jamaica East Street, Kingston on April 7.

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