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Chief Justice Lensley Wolfe has defended Jamaica’s record of delivery of Justice, emphasising that the country has an excellent justice system. Mr. Wolfe said that while it was not possible to find a perfect justice system anywhere in the world, Jamaica had done well in dispensing justice, adding that the perceived slowness in the system was attributable to the fact that far too many cases were being dealt with by the justice system to allow for a more speedy delivery of justice.
He was speaking recently at the official opening of the refurbished Courthouse in Gayle, St. Mary.
Stressing that there was the need to reduce the number of cases coming before the courts, in order to dispense justice more swiftly, the Chief Justice said every one had a responsibility to make an effort to reduce the level of crime in the country in order to make the society safer, and reduce the pressure placed on the justice system, as a result of the cases arising from them.
Declaring that there was a commitment to improve the quality of justice in the country, Mr. Wolfe said there had been a great deal of success in respect of achieving that objective despite the limited resources available.
The Chief Justice urged the residents of Gayle and surrounding communities to take care of the court building and facilities, in order to ensure that it served the purpose for which it was designed.

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