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KINGSTON — Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Grace McLean, is urging young people to take risks in their search for educational opportunities and career paths.

"Your whole life is before you, and you can be anything that you want to be. You must prepare to take risks, you must be bold," she said.

Ms. McLean, who was speaking to a group of Jamalco scholarship recipients recently at the Halse Hall Great House, Clarendon, said that there were many persons who have done well because they did not just sit and allow other persons to lead them.

"They decided to take responsibility for whatever opportunity that there were," she said.

However, she urged the audience to make sure that the choices they make are wholesome.

"Stand up and embrace your potential. Ensure that you embrace your promise, work hard and one day it will pay off. It will make you great men and women in society," she assured the group.

Jamalco Community Council representative, Lorine Cousins, said that they continue to make recommendations for young persons to access available scholarships, to ensure continued growth and development of youth in the communities.

"They are our future leaders and decision makers, and it is for us, as community and corporate leaders, to partner and ensure that all our children have access to the best education. Recipients, use this opportunity to be the best you can," she said.

At the ceremony, the company presented scholarships valued at some $3 million to 25 students at high school and tertiary levels, from Clarendon and Manchester. The back to school educational assistance programme is part of Jamalco's capacity building strategy, to ensure that students have the capacity to b trained and employable.

Responding on behalf of the recipients, Northern Caribbean University (NCU) student, Tamara Bailey, said the educational support has helped to secure their places at the various institutions, and open doors that seemed impossible to open.

"You have paved the path for bank managers and hotel managers. This deed will forever be edged in our hearts, and will serve as building blocks to enhance and create movers and shakers of the future. It will also help to better us in the communities, the nation, and the world," she said.

By Garfield Angus
JIS Regional Office

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