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Persons are being advised to check on the status of their new voter identification (ID) cards before visiting an Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) location for collection.

This is in order to reduce lines and extended wait time.

“We would like to remind electors to periodically check that your card is ready,” said Public Education Officer at the EOJ, Daynia Harper, while addressing a JIS Think Tank on Friday (January 15).

She noted that persons have also been turning up at the EOJ’s offices to request a letter of identity, when their ID cards are ready, and this also contributes to the lines.

“So, they will come, wait in line to collect a letter when there is a card that is produced for them,” she noted.

Once a card is prepared for an elector, there is no need to request a letter of identity.

Ms. Harper said that the quickest and easiest way for persons to confirm the status of their new voter ID, is by visiting the Electoral Commission of Jamaica’s (ECJ) website at and entering their information.

“Visit the ECJ website and click on ‘Check My Status’. It will ask you for your first name, your last name and your date of birth. Once your information is populated on the screen, just check the bottom of the field [list] and check for your pick-up location. Once there is a pick-up location in that field, it means that a card is ready for you and you just need to collect that card,” she explained.

Persons can also contact the EOJ offices via telephone, email or social media.

“They can call us directly at 876-922-0425-9 or toll free at 888-991-VOTE (8683). They can also email us at [Persons] can also follow us on social media @ecjamaica and send us a quick direct message (DM) so we can tell you if your card is ready,” Ms. Harper said.

Not all electors were required to visit an EOJ office to renew their cards.

Voter ID cards, which were issued 2015 and after, were automatically renewed and are at the constituency offices where the electors were registered awaiting pick-up.

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